Where do we go from here: assessing the health of a church started in the new millennium

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After starting New Life Christian Church (NLCC) seventeen years ago, I was concerned that the church might be losing some of its initial purpose and mission. This project assessed and evaluated the vision and mission of NLCC and implemented a corrective action plan based on the initial assessment and evaluation. A decision was made in consultation with the leadership team of NLCC to assess the various ministries of the church. Based on discussions with the leadership team, an assessment tool called the “Church Health Inventory” (CHI) was used with permission from the Missouri Baptist Church Convention. The CHI is a 40-question survey that asks participates a myriad of questions on church ministry. The survey was distributed to church members to complete anonymously and voluntarily. The survey took participants approximately 15 minutes to complete. In preparation to distribute the survey to the membership, two workshops were conducted with church leaders to determine the needs of the church as identified by the leadership team. After the needs were indicated, I researched evaluative tools that could be used to assess key concerns. Upon completion of the survey, a workshop was conducted to implement a corrective action plan to address the challenged areas identified by the survey. The findings from the CHI indicated that the following three areas required attention: Stewardship, Sunday School and Worship. Based, on the data collected a corrective action plan was agreed upon by church leadership and a final workshop was conducted to monitor the implementation of the corrective action plan. Assigning new people to ministries, purchasing curricula, and ministry development workshops are parts of the correction action plan. This project does not have all the answers, but it has a systematic approach to looking at church health and growth. 
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